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Order Guide



Magic Squeeze Power bank ordering guidelines:

1/. Pick out from our 6 standard shapes (VSB-001 to VSB-006)

2/. 2 types of silicon casing; either ends with code S (soild)/ code T (transparent):

*  For S series (solid colors), there are 6 choices: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Dark, Custom (custom colors subject to availability); logo print option on the exterior with special ink.

*  For T (transparent) silicon casing, we need confirmation on:

a). Color for inside core of powerbank (provide Pantone color number but possibly with slight color variance).

b). Choose from: 1/. printed sheet insert; 2/. silkscreen printing on the inside battery core; 3/. silkscreen printing on the outside.

Custom PVC Power banks are available upon inquiry.